“I just wanted to tell you that you guys are the best. I had no one to help me. It was worth every penny to get this information and stick it in my husband’s face. Now I’m the one who is telling him what to do.”

Julie J.
New York NY

“I felt the need to contact you and express my appreciation. I was completely crushed to learn that my wife was still drinking and seeing another guy. I knew something was goning on in my gut, but i didn’t want to believe it or relive the whole AA behavior. I know this time it’s over and its forever. I know my Kids will feel safer. Thanks so much for referring an attorney who specializes in Child Custody.”

Steve P.
Morristown NJ

“I just had to write to tell you how much i aapreciated the help that you have given me. Over the past several months my wife told me she was going to be having dinner with her boss for business. I love her so much i believed her. If it weren’t for the video your agents tooks of my wife walking arm i arm with her boss, i would have never believed it. We are now in counseling and i am hoping for the best.”

Cleveland, OH

“I must tell you i used other investigators in the past but your personal service was over and above what i have seen in the past. While my husband was on a business trip, you kept me updated throughout the entire serveillance process. When you told me that my husband was having an affair, you were there for me to learn on when i broke down crying. It meant a lot to me knowing that i wasn’t just another number but instead a person who was goning througn the most terrible time of my life.”

Houston, TX

“Thank You for getting me the name and address that constantly appreared on my husband’s cell phone bill. My husband told me he was going to a meeting every Thursday, he was right; he was going to a meeting with his girlfriend at the address that you provided.”

San Jose, CA