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How long has All State Investigations been in business?

Our company was founded in 1951, giving us over 65 years experience.

What types of investigations do you specialize in?

We are the only private detective agency in the world that exclusively takes cases involving infidelity, cheating spouses/lovers, child custody cases, alimony reduction cases, child abuse and neglect cases, cohabitation, internet dating, Matrimonial & Infidelity Investigations, Child Custody & Support, Alimony & Cohabitation, GPS Tracking Services, Background Searches, Bank & Asset Searches, Relationship & Internet Dating, Digital Forensic Recovery, and we offer many different types of background searches.

Why should someone hire All State Investigations over another detective agency?

Why people have trusted us for over 65 years

We understand the emotional rollercoaster you're on.

  • We can have an agent on your case, in any state, at any location, TODAY.
  • We provided you with video and photos on all surveillances.
  • We specialize in difficult and unusual cases.

Most clients contact All State Investigations because we specialize in surveillance for Infidelity, Matrimonial and Divorce Matters. The difference between our company and others advertising on the Internet is that we do not conduct other types of investigations, such as; Criminal Investigations, Insurance & Workman's Compensation cases, as well as, Security Guards. Investigation Specialists at All State Investigations Inc.

Being that All State Investigations specializes in these types of investigations and have done so for so long, we already know what your attorney would need for your matrimonial case. Other Private Investigators specialize in insurance investigations, guard services, subpoena services, etc., and only take very few cases that involve adultery. For your protection, it is important that you hire an agency that is experienced and specializes in the type of investigations.

What areas do you cover?

All State Investigation has over 300 investigation associates covering all the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and many other continents.

What's the most economical way for me to get help fast with my problem?

The best way is to call Allstate Investigation HQ AND SPEAK WITH AN AGENT. You will receive a FREE Consultation regarding your situation. Our agent will put together a detailed schedule for your investigation for your investigation. They will explain to you the cheapest way to get you your results.

Research usually take 24-48 hours
Investigation usually takes 1-3 days of surveillance including video and photos.

For a FREE CONSULTATION call now 1-800-948-7884.

What do I get when the investigation is complete?

You will receive updates when your research or investigation is completed. You can receive the information by email or hard copy. A hard copy will be sent to an address of your choice.