Specializing in Difficult and Unusual Cases


  • Pre-Marital
  • Background
  • Infidelity
  • Relationships
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody/Visitation
  • Cohabitation/Alimony Reduction
  • Personal Family Matters

For over 65 years All State Investigation has heard every Difficult and Unusual case. Since we heard every scenario we are able to obtain the information needed for your investigation.

All State Investigation uses the most Technical Equipment available. Our equipment consist of cell phone cameras, wrist cameras, telephone pool cameras, utility box cameras, garden rock cameras, covert cameras, Camouflage  cameras, GPS Tracking Units, Digital Forensic Recovery and much more

Here are some Difficult and Unusual cases we solved:


CASE: Team Leader.


My husband is the sales team leader which he has many females working for him. He travels a lot and now having overnight trips. I suspect one of the younger females is having an affair with my husband. During our investigation we obtained that both of them have separate rooms at the hotel on the same floor.

Our agent booked a room in between the elevator and  their rooms. When they walk to either of the rooms our agent will see them past through the peep hole. Agent will then walk in the hallway observing they both went into his room in case the wife calls his room to check on him. Agent will mark the door to show when they leave the room.

CASE: Escorts


My husband has been taking long lunches at work and cannot be reached. On those days he will not have sex with me when we go to bed. During our surveillance on him during his lunch break. We see the subject goes to an hourly motel and enter a room from the parking lot near his work and enter the room for a few hours and leaves alone.

Our agent waits to see the female who exit the motel door. Our agent video tapes the female and obtains the car and license plate she enters and leaves. Through our investigation our agent traces the plate and get her full name, address and cell phone number. The next day we call the female and tells her that subject highly recommend her and we want to meet at the same motel and have the same sexual services that our friend had.

CASE: Hide and Seek.


My clients wife is home while their house is getting renovated. We suspect she is having an affair with the builder. The client can see through their home security camera all the rooms inside of the house but not outside where the shed is. Our agents placed a motion camera inside of the shed to observe the subject and builder when entering.

CASE: Secret Date.


Our client tells us she is dating this new guy form on line dating. He never will tell her his full name or anything about him. He calls her from burner phones, she can only leave voice mails when calling and then he will call her back. He never picks her up for a date but will meet at a bar or restaurant. He will always walk her to her car and wait until she leaves to move.

Agent placed a surveillance by clients car and when client left agent followed the male. Agent saw the male entered different bar several blocks away. Agent observed the bartender knowing the subject very well.  When the subject departed the bar, Our Agent obtained the license number of the Uber car that picked him up a few blocks away. Agent was able to obtain all the info needed form the bartender and got the home address the Uber car dropped him off at the end of the night,