Types Of Private Investigators

The stereotype of the private investigator is well known. It is often a lone wolf individual who tracks down information and/or does work an official legal organization cannot do. In Queens, a private investigator can conform to this typecast. Yet, he or she can be a private investigator that specializes in a certain field or works exclusively for a specific genre of client. In other words, the reality of a private investigation agency or individual is they can be described as being of a certain type.

Complexity and the Role of the Private Investigator

Since its origins, the area dominated by private investigators has changed. It has become more complex. More agencies have entered into the field. In order to address the specialized needs of certain industries and/or groups that have sprung up, several different types of PIs have come into being. This is in addition to the standard general practitioner.

General Private Investigator

A general private investigator is a jack of all trades. He or she handles a variety of cases. The agency or individual does not restrict their clients to a certain type. This group is diversified and performs tasks ranging from surveillance to specialized forensic information gathering. In certain cases, they may call on the help of another private investigator with specialized skills.

Legal Private Investigator

A legal private investigator focuses on helping individuals obtain and gather sufficient information for a legal matter. It may or may not be one that will end up in court. Nevertheless, this group has to be well-informed on the legal system including:

Rules of evidence concerning surveillance and the gathering of various types of evidence
Court procedures

Corporate/Financial Private Investigators

The specialty of this group of private investigators is the ability of gathering information for certain business and industrial entities. It may be simply finding out about the financial state of a company planning a merger. It could also be to scrutinize the staff concerning certain irregularities.

Cyber Private Investigators

Technology has created a whole new field of exploration for a private investigator in Queens and elsewhere. From looking at cases of identity theft to tracking down cyber bullies and child pornographers, it can be a tricky and demanding job. This is only for those with a high degree of computer savvy.

These are some of the main types of specialties for PIs. There are others including:

  • Workman’s Compensation private investigator
  • Insurance company private investigators
  • Surveillance private investigator

If you decide to become, in Queens, a private investigator, you will be able to choose from these options. Yet, is you want to truly become adept in your profession, do not specialize immediately. Learn all you can about the different types of investigations and the skills involved. Once you have gained exposure to the general art and skills of this profession, you can then move on to specializing if this is what you want to do.

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