Make Internet Dating Safer with a Private Investigator

In today’s society, it can feel like a dangerous gamble to date a random stranger. With the increase in the Internet dating trend, it has become even more difficult to gauge who is being honest and who is out to scam or otherwise harm you. This often causes people to completely turn away from Internet dating. However, when you hire a private investigator from All State Investigation to look into someone’s background before you meet up with him or her for a date, you can feel more confident in your choice.

Criminal Background

People who have a criminal background aren’t likely to be upfront and honest about it. If you are a single parent or want to keep your risk level low, you need to hire someone to check into the potential date’s background. This will let you know if he or she is using a fake name or has a criminal past so you can make a fully informed decision as to whether you should move forward with a relationship.

Financial Background

Whether you are on shaky financial ground yourself or you just want to protect your assets, learning the financial background on a potential partner requires the help of a┬áprivate investigator to ensure you don’t put your finances at risk. This step isn’t something you should worry about before you go on a first date. However, it is important to understand the other person’s financial situation before you blend your finances by moving in together or taking your relationship to the next level.


All State Investigations, Inc. employs only those Private Investigators who hold a Class A License and are Fully Insured.


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