The Effects of Cohabitation Law in NJ

After a complex or emotional breakup, it’s often difficult for individuals to take that big step into a serious relationship. For many people, the idea of getting married again is frightening, yet they don’t want to live their lives alone either. In these situations, one of the best options is to consider cohabitation. However, this can have a negative impact on the case of a divorced individual, especially in a situation where alimony may have been awarded during the divorce proceedings.

The Alimony Award

Before delving into the specifics of cohabitation law in NJ, it’s important to understand the idea of alimony. In most cases, alimony, or spousal support, is only issued in marriages that have existed over the long-term and when there is a great disparity in incomes between two parties, particularly if one party stayed home to care for the home and raise children during the marriage. The purpose of ordering spousal support is to give the individual time to re-establish a career without a drastic change in the lifestyle they have been accustomed to in the marriage. Alimony is typically ordered to end after a specified period of time or when the individual begins to cohabitate with another individual, outside of a typical roommate arrangement.

The Proof Is up to You

If you are in a situation where someone is cohabitating, which according to cohabitation law in NJ, means they no longer qualify to receive alimony, it may be difficult to get the alimony terminated. If the individual has not been upfront about this change in living circumstances, it may fall on you to prove the arrangement exists. At All State Investigation, our experienced private investigators can help you get the evidence you need to prove your case in the court of law. We will follow the individual, dig into public records and even take pictures and videos to help you prove your ex-spouse is living with someone else, thus negating the alimony agreement you were ordered. This can prevent you from paying the spousal support for longer than you should.

We Can Help You Make Your Case

Even though cohabitation law in NJ may seem easy to understand, it can be difficult to meet the court’s standards for proving your case. Our experienced private investigators know what we are looking for and how to help you build a solid case so you have a higher chance of success. Trying to get your ex-spouse’s alimony terminated isn’t something you should try to do alone. While hiring a lawyer is still important to make your case, you need our help. When you hire us, the subject of our investigation won’t even realize they are under observation.

If you are dealing with a case where cohabitation law in NJ comes into play, contact us. We will assign you a private investigator who knows how to successfully prove your case. With this stipulation, we can put an end to any dishonest collection of spousal support once your ex-spouse is living with someone else.

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