Best Days for Surveillance To Catch A Cheating Spouse

A staggering 65% of married couples in America have had or are currently having an affair.

Find out what the best days for surveillance and catching a cheating spouse.

  • Before any given weekend; Thursday/Friday or after any given weekend; Monday/Tuesday.
  • The Cheaters and or Lovers birthday.
  • Planning late meetings.
  • Taking business trips alone.
  • The Thursday before a long holiday weekend and the Tuesday after the long holiday weekend.
  • Pre-Valentines Day: February 12th or 13th, Surveillance during lunch on February 14th (that night the cheating partner/spouse has to be with you!)
  • Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
  • The Friday following Thanksgiving Day when claiming they have to work.
  • Company Christmas Parties, when in the past you were able to attend.
  • December 23rd, or lunch on the 24th. , New Years Eve.

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