A Private Investigator Is Experienced in Family Court

Family court cases are often difficult enough without the added stress of knowing something is going on with the other party without proof. If you are involved in a nasty child custody case, divorce or even post-custody or divorce proceedings, you can clear things up with the help of a private investigator. When it comes to the court of law, they need proof. Hire a private investigator through All State Investigation to gather proof that can stand up in court so you can win your case.

Child Custody Issues

When one parent is abusive or neglectful, the court isn’t going to take your word for it. There are too many false allegations people throw around to attempt to keep the children away from the other parent. Because of this, the courts want solid proof of the danger to the child. A private investigator from All State Investigation is trained and experienced in gathering the right evidence to prove your child is in danger to allow you to ask for supervised visits or no visits at all.

Discover Dangerous Living Situations

In addition to abuse and neglect, sometimes one parent exposes children to dangerous living situations, either purposefully or by accident. Regardless of the reason, it is important to find the right proof of the living conditions. For instance, if the home in which your child’s other parent is living is infested with bugs or rats or the home isn’t in good condition and unsuitable for children, you need the right pictures and evidence to back up your claim in court. Likewise, if your ex-spouse is involved in drug activity or other illegal activities, you need a private investigator who can gather the evidence you need to prove the danger. The court won’t be able to take action unless you have the appropriate proof against the other parent.

Contempt Issues

The court order you receive when you go through a divorce or custody issue is a guideline that helps both parties interact with less conflict. However, sometimes one party violates the order, which requires contempt charges. A private investigator will help you prove the other party is in contempt so the court can issue the appropriate consequences for the actions. This will discourage the other party from violating the orders again in the future.
It’s your job to keep your kids safe, but this can be difficult when they need to be kept safe from the other parent. All State Investigations employs only private investigators who are licensed and fully insured. This means you can trust them to handle your case with the utmost in care and precision.


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