There are many reasons why individuals seek out private investigation companies in NJ. Some individuals want to catch a cheating spouse. Others are looking to prove something in a divorce or child custody cases. Still others are simply looking for a lost family member. No matter what your reasons for hiring one, it is important to know how to find the best. When you know what to look for, you increase your chances of a successful investigation so you can get the answers you seek.


One of the most important factors of a successful private investigation is the discretion of the investigator. It is absolutely critical that the individual who is being investigated does not know the investigation is taking place. An experienced investigator from one of the private investigation companies in NJ often has the knowledge and skills to check up on the subject through a variety of methods, none of which can be detected by the subject. They can record phone calls, track the individual physically and take pictures. The goal is to find out the information you seek without the individual finding out about it until you are ready.

Many Services

Because there are so many reasons why you may want to hire private investigation companies in NJ, it is important to find one that can provide you with all the services you require. For instance, if you are trying to determine if your spouse is cheating on you, you will need an investigator who has the right experience to uncover this information. However, if you are trying to protect your children from an abusive ex, you need someone who has gathered evidence that can be used in court to give your children the protection you need. A company that offers a wide range of services is more likely to be able to help you.


Experience is another critical element in a successful private investigation. Make sure any private investigation companies in NJ that you are considering offer only experienced private investigators. Investigators who haven’t been in the field for long are more likely to make critical mistakes that can have a negative impact on the success of your case. Make sure you ask about how long the company has been in service, as well as the history of the individual investigator to whom your case is assigned.

The private investigators at All State Investigation offer all these features and many more. They are one of the most experienced and reliable private investigation companies in NJ, giving you peace of mind that your case will be handled with the utmost in care and consideration.

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