When you want to find out information about someone, it can be difficult, even in today’s technologically savvy world. While you might be able to find out limited information, it typically isn’t enough to solve your problem, especially if you are trying to catch a cheating spouse. Whether you need to know your spouse’s whereabouts to confirm your suspicions of cheating or you are currently going through a divorce proceeding and need concrete evidence, you need an expert Illinois private investigator.

Divorce Proceedings

At All State Investigations, we understand the evidence that is needed to give to your divorce lawyer to best represent you in court. Whether you are fighting for alimony, child support or for sole custody of your children, our experts will consult with you to determine your exact needs. They will discuss your suspicions with you to help your court proceedings go the way you are entitled to based on the actions of your ex-spouse.

Alimony Reduction

Things change over time, which could entitle you to pay less alimony to your ex-spouse. Many people will not readily admit they are receiving a higher income, opened a business or are in a new relationship that what could prevent them from receiving alimony any longer. If you have suspicions and need to prove them in court, you need to hire a reputable Illinois private investigator like you will find at All State Investigations to provide you with the proof you need to reduce the amount of alimony you are required to pay.

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