STRANGE PHONE NUMBER; Find Out Who Owns A Phone Number

So you found a strange phone number on your partner’s phone. Now you WANT TO FIND OUT WHOM IT BELONGS TO?

Don’t waste your money on those internet databases searches. They do not provide complete full name and address. Most times it’s incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, out of date information. There is NO database anywhere that keeps lists of phone numbers current.

All State Private Investigations can help you obtain who is listed to a cell phone or home phone number. This information will identify who your cheating spouse, cheating partner, cheating husband, cheating wife, cheating fianc’, cheating boyfriend or cheating girlfriend, is cheating on you with.

All State Private Investigation provides research to find the owner of a cell phone or unlisted phone number. Our search will help you find out the TRUTH about whom they are calling.

You give us the phone number and we will give you:

  • COMPLETE name (first and last name)
  • COMPLETE Full address listed on the account

Most often the information should only take 24-36 hours. Once you get it, then, it’s a good idea to use this information and have us search background on the person.

All State Private Investigations provides investigations for: Cheating Spouses, Cheating Partners, Matrimonial Investigations,

Our experienced private investigators also are experts in Child Custody, Child Visitation and Child Neglect & Abuse Investigations. We can help uncover and document facts of unwarranted behavior of persons directly involved with children.


  • Real Name & DOB
  • Income History
  • Background Profile
  • Criminal Record
  • Property Ownership
  • DWI Record
  • Who They Are Living With
  • Marriage Search
  • Dating Others Online
  • Divorce Search
  • Video Surveillance
  • Number of Children
  • Judgment, Liens, Bankruptcy


We’ll Give You Peace of Mind and Help You To Move On or Rebuild Your Relationship


Call: 1-800-94-TRUTH

Combined with national recognition and over 60 years of experience as the preferred investigative agency in the U.S., All State Investigations is retained most often by the Fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. We have earned respect, success & accomplishments by providing clients with confidential and professional services.

ASI has the capability to handle any case quickly and efficiently. ASI has proudly become the forerunner by which other detective agencies are judged.

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ASI has earned it’s respect, success and accomplishments by providing clients with confidential and professional services in the areas of Matrimonial Investigations, Infidelity Investigations, Child Custody and Support, Alimony Reduction, Internet Dating, Background Searches, Asset & Bank Searches and High Profile Cases.

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