Signs of a Cheating Wife

When your wife is cheating, she will leave signs that trained professionals can’t miss but there are signs you can go ahead and look for.

Smelling of Men’s Cologne

If your cheating wife returns home with the smell of men’s cologne then she has been close with a man who does.

Wife Acting distant to your attention

If your cheating wife who was once very attentive and happy in the household and now returns home and gives you the cold shoulder, could be the result of an affair. A wife whom is involved in an extra affair will usually distant herself from her partner without consciously doing so.

New style of clothing

If your cheating wife has lost some weight and now feels good about herself, does not necessarily mean that she is cheating on you. But if she is the type who wore turtlenecks for years and now her is showing more cleavage going food shopping than you have seen in those flannel pajamas, could be a sign that she is having an affair. Usually those females who exhibit a drastic change in style are courting the affection and attention of someone else

Interested in working out

If your cheating wife has had the baby weight for the last 18 years and decides to work out, that does not necessarily mean that she is cheating on you. However, if she started her regime working out only three days a week and now spends hours at the gym with her hunky trainer, then that could be a concern. Being in shape and maintaining a healthy regime is important for everyone. But getting romantically involved with the trainer is not. What your wife does not see is that the trainer is making money off every female client at the gym. He’s a smooth operator! The more money he makes off his complimentary attention to your wife, the higher percentage commission he gets.

Finding hidden lingerie

You know that your cheating wife wears the big back panties for years, but now you find array of thongs and sexy lingerie hidden in the back of her closet. If she hasn’t worn them with you then who is she wearing them with?

Acting too close to your Best Friend

This is the ultimate slap in the face! If your wife and your best guy friend seem to connect in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, then start listening to your gut. If your guy friend and your cheating wife are in constant contact with one another, missing at the same times and then they might be meeting in secret.

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