Signs of a Cheating Partner

Relationships involving Gay & Lesbian Unions

When your partner cheats on you there will always be some sort of signs and you should know what to look for.

Unusual purchases on credit card

If your cheating partner hates to go shopping and you see that they have made purchases on the credit card at stores that you know your partner would never willingly go to then that is a sign that they are gift shopping for someone else.

Hanging out with new friends

If your cheating partner has suddenly started to hang out with a new group of friends and you are not invited in the group, then perhaps your partner has a new love interest.

Working later and later

If your cheating partner is starting to show up home later than 2 hours, and continues to get even later, then you should seriously think about surveillance.

Taking business trips alone

If your cheating partner and you once were able to enjoy a get-away together on the company’s expense and now you are told that you’re not permitted to go the last few times, then perhaps your partner is involved with someone else who works for the company.

Excessive Use of the Internet and Secretive Emailing

If your cheating partner is secretive of you having access to email or is using the Internet in excess, when in the beginning of the relationship, there was no hiding and always shared, then there could be a reason for concern.

Unaccountable Hours

If your cheating partner pulls a disappearing act repeatedly without a realistic explanation of whereabouts, then it could mean that your partner is cheating on you.

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