Signs of a Boyfriend – Cheating Girlfriend

Committed Boyfriend / Girlfriend Relationships

A staggering 65% of married couples in America have had or are currently having an affair.

Having the cell phone attached to the hip

If your cheating lover BF/GF keeps the cell phone constantly by their side, never leaves out of sight, locking it, texting and behaviors of extreme privacy, means there is definitely something that they don’t want you to see.

Not reachable on Weekends

For example, if your cheating lover BF/GF says that they are in the middle of a messy divorce and must stay at their marital home till the divorce is final and doing it for the kids, think again. Your committed Cheating Lover BF/GF is giving you a line of @#$%! The are really still married and stringing you along till the ultimatum is presented.

Drastic change in work schedule

If your cheating lover seems to have absolutely no time to be with you, except for once a week, then they could be courting the attention of someone else.

Receiving an anonymous phone call

If you receive an anonymous phone call to watch your lover is usually a friend that knows the both of you and can’t bear to see you be taken for a fool. The caller is doing you a favor with the anonymous tip. Now you have to find out the truth for yourself.

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