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When you get a divorce, you may be ordered to pay alimony to the other party. In most cases, this payment is only allowed for long-term marriages where the income discrepancy between the two individuals is significant. However, when you are ordered to pay alimony, there are situations that can warrant alimony reduction in NJ or even its elimination. Our private investigators All State Investigation can help you.

Reasons for Reductions

In most cases, alimony is awarded for a specific period of time under the condition that certain qualifications are met. One of the most common disqualifiers for alimony is co-existing with someone else. Because of this, many individuals who receive alimony aren’t upfront about whom they live with. If you suspect your ex is living with another individual and you qualify for an alimony reduction in NJ, contact us and we will do the work to prove that your alimony should be reduced or eliminated altogether. You don’t have to keep paying the high amount you were ordered when the other person has broken the agreement.

Proof You Can Use

If the other party doesn’t voluntarily give up their alimony, you will need solid proof to present to the court for your alimony reduction in NJ. We can help you get the valid proof you need that will be accepted by the courts. Not all types of evidence are acceptable, especially if they aren’t obtained through the appropriate channels. We will make sure you can use everything you have

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