A staggering 65% of married couples in America have had or are currently having an affair.

Smelling of perfume

If your cheating man returns home with the smell of perfume on him then he has been close with someone else who does.

Unusual purchases on his credit card

If your cheating man hates to go shopping and you see that he has made purchases on his credit card at stores that you know he would never willingly go to then that is a sign that he was there with someone else.

New style of clothing

If your cheating man is the type of guy who needs you to match and coordinate everything in his closet and hates to go shopping for himself, and all of sudden, comes home with a brand new wardrobe, then there is someone in the picture who he wants to impress by dressing more modern style.

Interested in working out

If your cheating man is a couch potato for the last 10 years and now has decided that, he wants to get back in shape and begin an exercise regime, that is a good thing! But if he is in the gym more and more and has all new friends or speaks about his hot young 25 year old trainer all the time, then that could be the start an affair.

Finding Hidden Condoms

If you and your cheating man do not use condoms, then why did you find a box hidden in the glove compartment of his car?

Acting too close to your Best Friend

This is the ultimate slap in the face! If your man and your best girlfriend are in constant contact with one another, missing at the same times and then you also confide in her about your marital problems, it could be a recipe for your man starting an affair with your friend.

Taking business trips alone

If you and your cheating man used to enjoy a get-away together on the company’s expense and now he claims that you are not permitted to join him when you found out that other females have gone, then there could be a girlfriend joining him.

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