There are plenty of websites available offering background checks for cheap rates. You may have done an Internet search for a piece of information about someone and seen these ads online. Not all companies are reputable. At All State Investigation, we are the number one infidelity investigation team in the United States. We offer a highly trained Houston private investigator who can handle cases beyond infidelity.

In addition to matrimonial and infidelity investigations, we provide Internet dating services that reveal scammers before you get reeled in. We can investigate your adult children, their spouse or an adolescent teen if you are concerned about their well-being. Our Houston private investigator also works with businesses and individuals for background, asset and bank searches. Browse our website for our complete list of services along with a detailed description. You have to protect yourself, your family and your assets. We are a reputable company with years of experience and have been featured on shows like Oprah, 20/20 and Inside Edition.

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When most people get married or start dating, they plan on being exclusive with one another. But the truth is, people often cheat in marriage or while dating. According to an article published in the Houston Chronicle in 2012, 14 million people were members of a website for married dating. Of those 14 million, nine million were in the United States. About 93,000 of those live in the Houston area. Disturbingly, that’s just the statistics for this particular site membership. The actual numbers of those who actually cheat could be a lot higher. The fact of the matter is you can’t ever be 100 percent sure by looking at your spouse or significant other. They surely won’t be forthcoming with that information and will probably lie if asked about their infidelities. If you are in need of a Houston private investigator, you have come to the right place. At All State Investigation, we specialize in matrimonial and infidelity investigations. We are experienced and have been around more than 60 years, helping people get the facts they need about their loved one.

You Don’t Have to Go on Wondering Forever

The website posted some alarming facts. One being that infidelity usually goes on without being discovered. Technology has made it even easier for people to commit their infidelities. Houston is a large city, with more than two million residents to add to the pool. You don’t, however, have to constantly worry every time your spouse or significant other leaves the house. Just leave the work to our Houston private investigator to provide you with the answers you want. We will provide you with video and photos on all surveillances. In addition, we offer personal coaching and advice to help you cope with infidelity in your relationship.

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