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60 Years Specializing in Matrimonial & Infidelity Investigations across the U.S. & Worldwide.

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How to Become a Private Investigator and Investigator License Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Licensing Agreements

Las Vegas Private Investigator

1. What is the background of the company?
All State Investigations, Inc. has over 60 years experience and upholds an outstanding reputation for prompt, professional, accurate and dependable service. Co-Founders Anthony DeLorenzo and Dawn Ricci have developed a niche in the marketplace that no other investigations agency ever wanted. Their determination and marketing strategies have made the company into the mega-thriving business it is today. ASI developed this business opportunity those who want to learn and gain knowledge operating their own Detective Agency.

2. What type of investigations can I offer the public?
You may offer several types of investigations; however, our field of expertise is Matrimonial Investigations. We offer our specialty areas of Infidelity, Divorce, Cohabitation, Child Custody, Alimony reduction and Background investigations.

There are 120,000,000 married couples in the U.S. Fifty percent of them either had, has had or is currently having an extra marital affair leaving us an untouched market for investigators.

“That’s a never ending source of clients!”

3. Why is ASI consulting and/or granting licenses?
When ASI expanded to become the only national company across the U.S. to have their own network agents in domestic surveillance, we found that other investigation agencies didn’t have the quality and standards that we expect, such as:

  • Lack of personnel to cover our cases
  • Lack of professionalism of ASI
  • Improper equipment
  • Improper report writing
  • Unable to operate an office efficiently

4. How does it work? Licensee:

  • Invest in yourself
  • Independently owned and operated
  • Schedule your own hours
  • Work full or part-time
  • Keep all of your profits
  • Pays an initial consulting fee
  • Assumes full responsibility for financial and operational expenses
  • Pays a small monthly consultant/royalty fee


Assisting in: Part Time Full Time
Be your own boss X X
Work from home X X
Work your own hours X X
Plan your own income X X
Expand at your own rate X X
Save money be eliminating trial & error X X
Reduce risk of failure X X
Assistance with obtaining P.I. License X X
Negotiate use of License X X
Help to develop your office X X
Obtaining 800 #’s X X
Setting up your office needs X X
Marketing literature on your company X X
Deal with local clients X X
Market locally X X
Advice on Investigation cases X X
On going support X X
Worldwide travel X X
Become part of the largest market X X
Internet advertising monitoring support X X
Strong alliance with other ASI network X X
Charge up to $125 per hour X X
Use of ASI network of over 500 investigators X X
Use of ASI Research & Background Dept. X X
Strong market penetration from Headquarters & TV appearances X X
Personal media appearances X X
Two-week training at HQ in NJ X X
Open in 90 days X X
Great for couples X X
Exclusive Territory - X
Network with ASI Lawyers - X
Attend Lawyer’s Gala’s - X
National advertising & marketing program - X
National & worldwide investigations - X
Attending ASI seminars - X
National TV appearances - X
Top 3 listing on Internet - X
SEO Program - X
HQ visit to your office - X
On-going training at ASI HQ - X
Monthly Royalty - X

5. What is the “Infidelity” market and why join All State Investigations Licensee?
All State Investigations, Inc. advertises and

If you were to search for an investigator under these keywords: Investigator, Detective, Private Detective, Private Investigator or Private Investigation, our companies would appear in the top three listings.

We make appearances often on TV, radio or in print media which will generate cases in your area.

6. How do I choose my exclusive territory?
Counties in each state divide all territories. A minimum territory consists of 500,000 populations of people. You will have the opportunity to purchase a territory as large as you want it to be. We recommend your agent’s travel time to be no longer than 30-45 minutes to the furthest point of territory.

Several territories can be purchased at the same time. Each territory will have an associate with a licensed investigator. A state licensed investigator can handle several associates simultaneously.

Applicants who desire to form partnership relationships with other applications and purchase “blocks” or territories may do so.

7. How will we compete with other detective agencies in the marketplace?
Building our own network of affiliates will represent our combined efforts as a company who can stand strong in the marketplace. As we continue to expand throughout the United States, eventually it will be impossible for a small agency or a one-man operation to compete with us.

8. Why should I buy a territory instead of investing in my own Detective Company?
If you have already been in business for 5 - 10 years and you are still a one-man operation, reinvesting in yourself will not make a difference! The problem is not having the knowledge to expand. As co-founder Anthony DeLorenzo says, “You must think outside the box Businesses who don’t evolve with the times will no doubt suffer.”

9. What are the consulting and monthly fees?
Consulting fees are $12,500—one time fee. You will select a date to enroll in our 2-week training program. During this time, we will assist you in obtaining or joining another P.I. license. You will begin developing your website, marketing literature, office setup, advertising in place. You can have your office open after you attend the 2-week training program. You can be open as soon as 90 days.

The first six months after you sign up with ASI, your monthly consulting fee is FREE.

Then a $250 monthly consulting fee will start.

10. How do I get started?
Contact a consultant. You must QUALIFY to own and operate and investigations firm. Call 888-577-3780 M-F 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST or email

in the USA
International Calls