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...At any Age, they are still your children.

Investigating Your Children
“My Dad says I need a business degree. I’m already in business for myself.”

Adult Children Investigation

Some of the most prominent families have hired and trusted All State Investigations with their most personal family problems for their teens and even for their adult children.

A parent’s concern never stops even when the child is an adult. Many times parents of grown children come to us with concerns that their son-in-law or daughter-in-law is having an affair or using drugs. Grandparents have trusted us to investigate the sensitive matter of investigating the behavior of their own children when they suspect the neglect of a grandchild.

The goal of some of our cases is to stop an “in-law” from potentially benefitting monetarily from a family business. All State Investigations may help in gaining leverage on an in-law’s behavior which can potentially save the family thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Your adult child is embarrassed by knowing they have a spouse that is cheating on them, but they don’t know what to do. As a parent (an outsider) looking inside you can see the real situation.

Hiring All State Investigations, you will find out that they are not really working late and uncover who the “new friends” really are. Once revealed, it’s up to you whether to confront your adult.

Child alone or go straight to the subject and address the problem directly. We coach you on how to approach your adult child or in-law in the most effective way. Our written reports, still photos and videos will provide the back up the proof of your investigation.

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Adolescent Teens Investigation

Teen Investigations
"Bartender, I'll have another."

“The first foremost mistake parents make when confronting the teen is they take away their cell phone,” says Anthony DeLorenzo, Senior Advisor, author and Co-Founder of All State Investigations. “The first few hours are crucial, and we do have ways of finding out where the teen might be, closing the lines of communication with no cell most definitely hinders the case,” adds Dawn Ricci, licensed Private Investigator, Author and President of All State Investigations, Inc.

Perhaps your child is hanging out with a “new crowd” and is potentially experimenting with drugs and alcohol, or dealing drugs. You’re seeing behavioral changes…this would be a good time to find out what is really going on in your teen’s life.

Now some experts say, “It’s a kid’s privacy” and that parents should not intrude. We completely disagree. You are the parent. It is your duty to teach and direct your child in becoming the best person they can be. But you can’t make your child cooperate. So your child may lash out, run away, and basically do the things that you have told your child not to do. That’s when All State Investigations steps in.
It’s not too late to help your child. It’s your right to investigate what your child is doing. If you don’t act responsibly now, your child may put you and your family in a situation that can hold you both personally and financially liable. All State Investigations can help you uncover if your child is:

  • Hanging out with a new crowd
  • Using or dealing drugs
  • Skipping school
  • Running away from home
  • Leaving rehab unexpectedly
  • Acting irresponsibly
  • Spending time alone

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